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Dentistry does not have to be a painful or scary procedure. A visit to the dentist can be a positive experience, even when treatment is necessary. Millions of Americans are afraid of the dentist. They avoid dental care regardless of the costs, simplicity of treatment or affordability. But it no longer has to be that way. Modern dentistry offers safe, effective, and comfortable treatments to anxious and fearful patients through sedation dentistry. You may have heard of this treatment called anxiety-free dentistry or relaxation dentistry. The best and most accurate name is IV (intravenous or parenteral) medical sedation for dental procedures. Sedation dentistry in Fresno is transforming the dental experience, providing patients with a relaxed and anxiety-free environment, ensuring they receive the care they need without fear or discomfort.

Most fears develop in childhood, so odds are you have carried your dread of the dentist for years. You avoid receiving care and as a result, your dental health deteriorates. If you are no longer able to withstand the pain or discomfort and finally seek treatment, extensive restorative work is required. That means more time in the dental chair, more procedures, and more expense, which only furthers your anxiety. It is a bad cycle that can be broken by modern sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, your fear and anxiety can be effectively managed, allowing you to undergo necessary treatments comfortably and without stress. By breaking this cycle, sedation dentistry in Fresno offers a path to improved dental health and peace of mind.

Dr. Alex Denes has been practicing sedation dentistry, sedation dentistry in Fresno general dentistry since 2000. His area of interest are surgical procedures and implant dentistry as well as sedation dentistry, sedation dentistry in Fresno. He holds a permit to administer moderate parenteral conscious sedation and is a Master member of the College of American Academy of Dental Anesthesiology. Admission to the college demonstrates to the public the commitment to offering high quality, safe and effective sedation care to dental patients. Achieving Mastership status in the ADSA College of Sedation in Dentistry and membership in California Dental Society of Anesthesiology further ensures Dr. Denes’ ability to continue to provide high quality sedation care well into the future.

College Of Sedation in Dentistry

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